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Author Ready is an online author training program created by the #1 International bestselling author Richard Paul Evans. It’s the best investment you will ever make in your dream.

Author ready has more than 60 individual ten-minute lessons that will guide you through every step of the way, whether you’re working with a million dollar book advance or self-publishing for the first time. The questions you have today are not the same ones you’ll have in 7 months, or even 7 days for that matter.
I’ll give you a clear path and guide you through the 3 critical legs of being a bestselling author: Writing, Publishing and Marketing (along with some inspirational messages too!), breaking all three down into simple, doable steps. Some of the courses include:
  • Finished my book, now what?
  • What are my publishing options?
  • Finding the right agent and pitching them.
  • Self-publishing essentials.
  • Children’s book publishing essentials
  • How to build your marketing platform.
  • How I sold 8 million copies of a self-published book.
  • Publishing contracts, what to look for, what to run from.
  • Character development, what works, what doesn’t.
  • And more than 50 other topics.
You’ll also belong to my Author Ready community with monthly live coaching from me and other major authors, publishers, editors and agents and a positive group to collaborate with.

No catch!

You’re probably thinking this will cost several hundred dollars a month. It doesn’t. It’s completely FREE to start! Or, if you want to dig deeper into your author training, gain access to exclusive content starting at $4.99 a month.

I wanted to create something that is affordable for ALL authors, whether you are just starting out or making millions. I believe knowledge should be shared. I want to help cultivate the next generation of writers by removing cost as an obstacle to training.

Author Ready offers a FREE Bronze Level that gives you access to some great content to get started on your journey. Give us a try and, when you’re ready, jump deeper into your learning by upgrading to our Silver or Gold levels in your My Account dashboard.

It’s fun! Why would I stop growing and expanding? If you understand the millionaire mindset, we don’t do it for the money, we do it for the adventure. I’ve given millions to help abused children I’ve helped hundreds of authors, and still I write. My great diversion is my ranch. As my father used to say, we Evans die in the saddle. There you go.

Go to your My Account page and select “Upgrade or change your membership” under the Author Ready Subscription Level of your dashboard. Select the radio button next to the subscription you would like to change, enter in your payment information (if necessary), and click “Register.”

You may confirm the change was made by going back to your My Account dashboard and confirming your membership level.

Under My Account,  select “Cancel your membership” in the Author Ready Subscription Level section. You may also change your membership level to the FREE Bronze account by selecting “Upgrade or change your membership,” selecting Bronze, and clicking the “Register” button.

You may change your profile picture and other account details in your Community Profile. Our How To Change Your Profile Photo PDF guide provides step-by-step instructions to help you as well.

Are you ready to change your life?

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