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Here are just a few of our authors who have successfully published their work with the help of Richard Paul Evans and his Author Ready community.

Mark Eaton

As a starting center for the Utah Jazz for over 10 years, Mark Eaton experienced the transformation of his team from cellar dweller to one with an extraordinary 20 consecutive playoff appearances. In The Four Commitments of a Winning Team, Eaton shares the lessons he learned in his incredible journey from a 21-year-old auto mechanic to a record-breaking NBA All-Star, distilled into a simple but powerful plan of action.

P.S. Wells and Max Garwood

Shanghai, China: Inventor and patent attorney Marc Wayne is held captive until he produces a functioning model of his Meissner Field Generator. At stake, his ransomed sister’s life.

Washington D.C.: A team of FBI agents, led by young Mallory Wayne, strive to trace the stolen patent only to find its author–her brother–has disappeared. As first-time project leader, Mallory is cognizant of the danger to her brother’s life and struggles with doubt of her own abilities. So far, the kidnappers have remained one step ahead.

Debbie Ihler Rasmussen

Jackson Allen threw his entire family into turmoil with a sudden decision to disrupt their lives on the beaches of Southern California and move to a small town in Tennessee. Shrouded in mystery and secrets he purposely forced unfamiliar distance between himself, his wife Suzann and their two teenage children, volunteering no explanation other than his responsibility to sell the family home. Their arrival in Sommerville, a place Jackson had abruptly left and put behind him over twenty years earlier, would stir the dust of a family secret that had lain dormant for over fifty years.

Stephanie Faye

Zelina is a 16-year old girl who doesn’t know who or where she is. She has no memory other than waking up at Stonehenge. Rune is a 16-year old boy who knows the truth of her forgotten past. As Rune slowly leads Zelina to the truth, they find their lives are in danger. The Medjay, assassins from their realm, will stop at nothing to keep them from finding the truth and getting home. Rune and Zelina must work together if they are ever to get back to their true home and understand the truth of why they were sent away.

Lark Dean Galley

Lark experienced the devastating loss of her 19-year-old son to suicide. Having already lost her father to suicide five years earlier, this second death hit hard. All expectations for the future were erased. Everything became difficult. Even breathing felt like a conscious decision. This is the story of her raw and painful journey through despair and grief. It is standing on the brink of an abyss ready to pitch into the darkness and making the very difficult decision to step away from the edge. Lark shares how this decision to use her loss to bless the lives of others helped her to heal from both her son’s and father’s suicides. It is her desire to instill hope in those who wonder how, or even if, they can go on.

Scott W. Rasmussen

Like many Americans, political analyst Scott W. Rasmussen believes our nation’s political system is broken. However, his research has left him optimistic about America’s future. The Sun Is Still Rising clearly demonstrates that America’s best days are still ahead and that governing involves more than government and politics.

Mary Flint

The light dropped her in the snow, her surroundings unfamiliar. All Andresha knows is that she is far away from Rendaria, Edrix is missing, and she has no idea how she is going to get home. Injured and lost, Andresha is forced to rely upon the strangers the light brought her to. But as she searches urgently for Edrix, the more she discovers the mysterious facility in the mountains, and a possible path back to Rendaria, connect back to Edrix’s mysterious origins. Is Edrix alive? Or will she be trapped in this strange world alone?

Robert P.K. Mooney

It’s tough being a foster kid. In addition to dealing with the abuse, trauma and/or neglect in their home of origin, kids in the foster care system face the fear and uncertainty inherent in having one or more temporary family placements. For kids who never find a permanent home, but instead age out of the system, homelessness, unemployment, drug addiction, and debilitating mental health illnesses are often their reality as they enter adulthood. But that doesn’t have to be their future! A Foster Kid’s Road To Success teaches teens in foster care the most important life lessons needed to succeed after aging out.

Vincent Tolman and Lynn Taylor

At the age of 25, Vincent Tolman was found dead in the bathroom of a small restaurant. He had been dead for over half an hour. When paramedics arrived, they put him in a body bag and took him away. A rookie paramedic had a feeling to risk his career, break all protocols, and try to resuscitate Vincent. Miraculously, he restarted Vincent’s heart, and Vincent was in a coma for three days. Vincent remembers what happened on the “other side” while he was dead, and he’s ready to share his experience.

Dejah Edwards

A victim of sex trafficking finds a loving relationship, but will she be able to fully give him her heart? When Lyndie Johnson is snatched from a life of security and forced into a world of unspeakable horrors, she is paralyzed by fear until she finds the courage to save a young child. She desires love and acceptance, but shame and unworthiness cause her to run from love. Struggling to not be defined by her horrible past, Lyndie discovers how God brings beauty out of brokenness.

Audrey Rindlisbacher

Why do some people achieve immense positive impact in the world while so many of us struggle to figure out who we are and how we can make a difference? Is there something that these great leaders have in common? What can their lives teach us about how to find our own path to a meaningful, mission driven life?

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