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Richard Paul Evans shares what he has learned from publishing more than 40 bestsellers through both self-publishing and traditional publishing.

Interview with Laurie Liss (Sneak Peek)

Enjoy a sneak peek into this exclusive interview with Richard's agent, Laurie Liss. The complete interview is available to Gold-level members.

Interview with Laurie Liss (Full Interview)

Join Richard as he and his agent, Laurie Liss, answer your questions about what an agent does for an author and how to find one.

How to Publish: Decision Tree

Now that you're book is ready, follow these steps to make the important decision on how you will publish it.

What is an ISBN

Have you ever wondered what an ISBN is? Learn its purpose and how to get one in this lesson.

Traditional Publishing Process

Dive into the publishing process with Richard Paul Evans to establish a realistic timeline for releasing your new book.

Working with Editors

Learn the ins and outs and best practices when working with an editor.

For Public Speakers

How to turn your talk into a book.

Book Cover Design

People judge books by their cover, so it's important yours tells your story. Learn how to develop the perfect jacket for your book.

Interior Book Design

Learn how to make the inside of your book look just as appealing as the outside.

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